Saturday, October 10, 2020

Apparently....this stamp isn't legitimate


I was at Hobby Lobby about 6 months ago when I bought a topical package of stamps. They were all dinosaur stamps and my son loves dinosaurs so I just had to get them. Part of the reason was maybe having dinosaurs on the stamps would spark an interest in my son for stamps. He's a little young yet but it really worked. He sits on my lap as I work on my stamps quite frequently.

So, I was going through them and mounting them in albums and I came across this Ankylosaurus stamp. It had no cancel on it and all the rest in the package did. So I googled "Sahara OCC. R.A.S.D" and the first website that was on the list starting talking about "bogus stamps". 

Stamps marked "Sahara OCC R.A.S.D." relate to Western Sahara which is occupied by Morocco and the post office of Morocco claim that these stamps are illegitimate and, from what I have read, they aren't in Scott Stamp Catalogs. I think they are nice looking stamps though and I'm going to keep them.